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Thursday, April 28, 2011

11 Things I've Learned - But Really Shouldn't Talk About

1. I learned that sometimes my favourite part of writing a blog is finding the picture to go with it.

2. I learned there is a lot of listening that needs to be done in social media; and about now, that is just fine with me!

3. The backbone of social media is about relationships built on trust and giving, and not about breaking your own backbone to do it.

4. I learned it’s important to identify your audience, find them on-line and communicate with them through platforms they prefer to use. If those platforms aren’t Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or a Blog - chances are they won't be hearing from me just now.

5. Working in social media is NOT about selling, or self-promotion. It’s about becoming a trusted, respected, and valuable member of a community. If they add silliness, I will have a better chance of being one of the “in” crowd.

6. Social media is about transparency, being yourself, and is driven by the “customer”: not you. This blog post is about as natural and transparent as it gets. Tongue in cheek transparency but transparent nevertheless. Chances are my potential customers would prefer to drive.

7. I have accumulated a vast amount of resources in the form of blogs, listening tools, monitoring tools, social media platforms, and efficiency tools. Now if I could only muster some strength to tunnel may way out from under the pile.

8. I realize that personal branding is important no matter who you are or where you work or don’t work. Even though I was told this, I’d hoped it wasn’t true.

9. I learned how to go about building a personal brand online. And in one blog, I’ve completely dismantled it!

10. I know the importance of social media monitoring and measurement. I figure I need to learn how to actually do it.

11. I learned first-hand about blogging, and more importantly I am beginning to find my voice. This voice is not as pleasing to my ear as I had hoped.

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